07 February, 2010


So I have like a million (only a slight exaggeration) of craft sites bookmarked. In a little folder called, creatively enough, "Craft".  One of these really panders to my ingrained, years and years hidden before finally accepting it, incredibly geeky and dorky side. Its  here. Its called Sprite Stitch. Just click the link, and be amazed at all the almost unfortunately impressive dorkdom.

On to a different note.

I have been working on a fashion line the last few weeks. I know, everyone has one. This is mostly dresses, because, as I started sketching, I realised that it was dress after dress. I have all the ideas, all the blocking...I just have to get to thrifting and find the raw materials. It's a reafashion line. Waste not, want not is what I always say. What's the point in getting fabrics when there is millions of dresses and whatnot out there just waiting for a new life? It's like adopting an anipal from the shelter. Saving that poor precious life. Anyhow, I am sentimental. I can't help it, it just happens.

Also, my Etsy site is all but empty. Christmas time emptied it of all its treats. If I am not at the salon, I am at home, crafting my little heart out. The benefits will be posted as soon as Alex gets home from the Bahamas and his shoot. I made A TON of baby clothes. The set up for the photo shoot is going to be sooo cute. It involves a clothes line.

That's all for now, just remember to click the linkie up there and be amazed and wowed.

02 February, 2010