05 April, 2010


I lurk. I do, I'm not ashamed. I go through online resources, I look longingly at blogs and pretty pictures. I get Better Homes and Gardens, I get ReadyMade and DIY Magazine.  My regular trips around the interwebs include Instructables and Apartment Therapy. Those few names I dropped are a sad and sorely edited list, yet one I did so as to look less sad/geeky/lurkery than I am pleased to admit. True, I said I am not ashamed, but I do have limits. I am not crazy, just a nerd.

So, everyone has a style, a "thing. I like pretty much everything. At once. In a jumble. Multitudes of colors and textiles and textures and and and and...you get it. I have visions of how my living and dining rooms should look. I hate what it looks like right now. It's functional and what people would call cute now, myself included. But I hate it. Here is what I wish I could have in it, or at least a sample:

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  1. It would seem most (not all) of your style is IKEA. Maybe we should all move to Sweden, and we'd have style because everyone there only has IKEA. Is clutter a style? If so, I rock.