04 June, 2010

Actual Mixed Tapes.

So, my last post alluded to a music compilation. Well, it did only in the title. This little piece will actually leave you with a list of songs that I like to listen to not only when I am making things, but when I am driving, thinking, doing my makeup, and showering, but when I am doing whatever I want. I find inspiration hits me whenever it damn well pleases to, and tho songs help, the best time for inspiration happens to be the time between waking and actual sleep.

However, that time is the slippery slope that leaves no one the satisfaction the handle of a grip upon which to grasp that pure memory of thought of remembrance once the morning comes around. Therefore all my best ideas go the same place the best dreams go.

I've often thought I should have tried more at acting. I was really into it when I was younger. I was good. It's hard for me not to be good at things I like. It sounds arrogant, but it's true. I am good at the things I like. Passion is part of me just as is skin or bones.
Plus, I am dramatic. Not in the everything is dramatically intense way, but in the everything is incredible in life way. It's just easier that way. I feel everything down to my soul. I can't help it, that's just me.  I've had to learn to live with that, and it hasn't been easy. I have had to turn it off. Sometimes I have to turn feeling off so that I am not so affected.

Anyhow. Some songs to listen to whilst living and crafting:
New Order-Temptation
Nico-These Days
Pela-Drop Me Off
Snowden-Anti Anti
The Strokes-You Only Live Once
Afghan Whigs-Rebirth of the Cool
Belle and Sebastian- Sleep the Clock Around
Broken Social Scene-Superconnected
Built to Spill- Carry the Zero
Delays-Bedroom Scene
Ladytron-Destroy Everything you Touch
New Order-Crystal
Does It Offend You, Yeah?-Epic Last Song

Well, I obviously have a lot more. However, for now, whet your whistle with this. Relax, and enjoy.  Hopefully your best ideas won't go in to the ether once you wake up!

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