02 June, 2010

Crafting MixTape. (Some Say Mixed Tape)

So, I worked all weekend and even today cleaning the house like madfire. And by I, I mean we. Alex and I.

When I went to Lakeland last weekend to spend more time with datMum, I picked up this spray paint. Its Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze, and I am obsessed with it. Alex has caught the bug as well. Here is a link to an example whilst you are waiting for mine.

I have painted, in no order: two tiny table lamps, a tall stick lamp, a curtain rod that promptly broke under the weight of too heavy curtains, a fleur de lis hook, and my "test it" was a cleaned and saved tin that I am going to turn in to a hanging tea light holder.  I need MORE!!!! I have so many things I want to paint with this. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not a person who needs that much cohesion. I feel that if things are too matchy matchy, they look stodgy. But it looks different on everything. I have frames I want to paint, and this lamp my Mom bought me ages ago. Its one of those that hang from the ceiling. You know, a swag lamp. With all the crystals. I think it would look AMAZING with all those crystals sprayed that ORB. And with a soft yellow or amber bulb in the center, the ambiance would be fantastical for a little bit of dutch oven popped popcorn and a nice scary movie and a blankin on the couch.

On a different note, I had a migraine tonight. This happens often. And I say migraine, but in fact they are not really migraines. I suffer from a Neurological disorder, some say disease, called Chiari Malformation. It basically means I have a huge brain and it won't all fit in my skull. So it migrated down to my neck-kinda. And I get this Chiari headaches. Sometimes for now good reason, sometimes because of something I did. Summer in Florida is not kind to me, and the rain is awesome to my garden, bad for the pressure in my skull.

Made me wish for a cute little respite such as this:

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